Beautiful Mona Vale Headland Wedding

Kelsey and Stewie had such an epic winter wedding! The day took place on our amazing Northern Beaches, a place close to their hearts. The ceremony was on the picturesque Mona Vale headland, in front of a pretty macrame altar and the vast coastline in the backdrop. The reception at the modern Narrabeen Beach SLSC, with its stunning beach views and laidback atmosphere. It was an amazing blue-sky day filled with love, tears and lots of laugher.

Kelsey and Stewie were meant to be. Kelsey is the youngest of four sisters, while Stewie is the youngest of four brothers. Kismet! Stewie admitted during his speech that he knew he would ask Kelsey to marry him only a few short weeks into their relationship. The reception at Narrabeen Beach SLSC was A LOT of fun. The newlyweds hired a woodfire pizza company to supply the amazing food. The drinks were flowing and the dance floor was wild! 

We felt so privileged to take part in Kelsey and Stewie's day - they and their family hold such a special place in our hearts. We wish you all of the happiness in the world Kelsey and Stewie! xo