Rehana + Andrew: Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat Wedding

Rehana & Andrew...where to start with these two? Their wedding was a multi-day extravaganza. We had food fights, gorgeous henna, dramatic cliff-top scenery, and so, so much dancing and singing.

It was a celebration to mark the start of their lives together as much as it was a farewell - Rehana and Andrew were heading off to live in the US right after their wedding. It made the week all the more meaningful and special for those lucky enough to be present. After spending time with these two, it's easy to see how much they'll be missed by friends and family during their time overseas. I can only imagine the welcome home party!

After their Hindu ceremony at home, Rehana & Andrew's Indian wedding took place at the Australian Technology Park, and their final wedding ceremony was held at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat

We also entered a photograph from their Hindu ceremony into the AIPP Photography awards this year and won a silver award for it. You can see it below, with the award sticker. Thanks for being such a superb model, Rehana!