Five benefits of an engagement, couple or pre-wedding photography session in Sydney, Australia


What is an engagement photography session?

It's a perfect opportunity to get some amazing images of the two of you together at a relaxed pace, in perfect light, and at an awesome location. We photograph many engagement sessions all across Sydney (and sometimes elsewhere in Australia) every year. They're for couples that might not even be engaged, those planning their wedding, and even for couples who have been married for a while but would love some updated photos together. They're sometimes called couple sessions, pre-wedding sessions, or simply 'photos of us together on a trip to Sydney' :)

We'll usually spend an hour or two together - I'll start with some brief posing instructions to get started, but most of the session will be organic, genuine moments between the two of you. I'll provide as much direction as required, but usually find ways of simply letting you have fun and capturing the moments as they happen.

Sydney engagement photos Kirribilli.jpg

Why is engagement photography, or a couple session, a good idea?

1. You'll get a bunch of great photos of the two of you together!

Chances are you have lots of photos of the two of you together already - but an engagement session is a chance to move past those posed shots. We'll help you create a set of meaningful images that tell your story in a beautiful, dramatic, and fun way. Photos that will make you laugh, smile, and cry. Photos you can show your kids and grandkids. This time is fleeting - take advantage of the opportunity to document it.


2. Awesome location

There are almost no restrictions on where you can choose for your location. Got a favourite beach? Let's go there. Love Sydney's evening skyline? Let's do it. Or is there somewhere with special meaning for the two of you, like your favourite cafe or park? The options are endless. We can often include a location that might not quite fit into your wedding day timeline. That way you'll still have a chance to capture some great photos of the two of you at one of your favourite locations.


3. Use them for your wedding

If you'd like to include a couple of photos on your save-the-date cards, your invitations, or any of your wedding stationery, why not use some of the photos from your engagement session? They will look beautiful, be full of meaning, and they'll capture your story perfectly.


4. Fun!

Hang out and have fun! Yes, seriously! It will just be the two of you (and me, and sometimes your pet puppy) so enjoy your time together. Enjoy each other's company in a beautiful location in Sydney, just being together, thinking about each other and your plans together. It's normal to feel a little nervous ahead of your engagement shoot, but shortly after we start you'll see that's it's just like a fun date (with a little entourage ;).


5. Get used to the camera

If you are getting married any time soon, it's a great chance to get used to being in front of the camera. Don't underestimate this one - if you can become used to having a camera (or two) pointed at you for a prolonged period of time it will help break down any barriers that might otherwise exist on your wedding day. I love meeting up with my couples before their wedding day so that we can get to know each other a little bit better. On the wedding day everyone is relaxed and more comfortable in front of the camera, which of course makes for the very best photographs of you!

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